About Adam

Adam Sickler is a youthful explorer who brings an honest, feel-good vibe to a world of music that craves authenticity. Over the course of time, Adam has developed a blend of charming wordplay, a passion for self-exploration and what many liken to, as a close connection with our instinctive traits. These qualities have all gained enough momentum to break through into Adams musical career and his continued efforts in the community.

To summarize Adams success thus far, he debuted with a single that broke the Top 75 on BDS and was played on numerous radio stations nationwide, in some of the biggest markets (including WHUD Hudson Valley, NY). Additionally, he frequently takes the stage at several large venues and has performed in front of hundreds of fans, throughout the East Coast, including one of his latest appearances at Six Flags New England.

Adam has sold and streamed music worldwide in almost 40 countries, from the Netherlands to Hong Kong to Azerbaijan, where we see people from every culture relating to this new and catchy sensation.

Inspired by the likes of great songwriters such as Paul Simon and James Taylor, to modern-day singer-songwriters like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, and John Mayer, Adam brings a unique mélange with an occasional reminder from a few legends. Furthermore, his attendance at the Berklee College of Music, while studying under renowned instructors such as Guy Van Duser and Scarlet Keys, provided him with some of the complex inner workings of guitars and the human voice.

Now at 25, he plays a full range of instruments, including the guitar and bass, harmonica, drums, clarinet, saxophone, and piano. With this level of understanding and control, the intricacies within his composition style, Adams fun perspective and colorful arrangements will leave you yearning for more.

Stay tuned for what the future holds…